RomanoBritCavalry.png After 400 years, Rome is gone.

For Britannia, that is the new reality. Over 70 years ago the Empire withdrew and the land was left to fend for itself. It is a Dark Age for Europe; the light of “civilization” gutters and dies. Invading Saxons, Monsters, Fae, Giants, Dragons, and the Old Gods are all returning with a vengeance.

This is your home. What will you do?

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Last Game (3/27/14) – Session #2

East along the old frontier road the people of Caer Derw appear to be on their own against the Saxons… why?

Chief Einion ap Dilwyn is no friend of Rheged, but he’s never left his people to fend for themselves before. The rumors are… out of character. The Companions go to see for themselves.

Featured Page

Who aspires to be the new Pendragon?

April’s Featured Page is about the movers and shakers in our setting – The High Council.

Age of Arthur is Roleplaying Game setting that uses the Fate Core system (with a few modifications).

Credits and Whatnot

This site in no way affiliated with Wordplay Games, we’re just fans of the game and setting playing our own campaign. Any historical inaccuracies you spot on this site dedicated to a fictional roleplaying game set in a magical land with King Arthur in it… yeah well those are the fault of Wolfhound, bother him with it…

Much more seriously though. Most of the pictures are from Google image searches and used without permission. If you’re the rightful owner and would like us to take them down or add specific attribution, by all means we’re happy to do it… no offense meant or profit made, we just thought your picture was feckin’ brilliant.

Age of Arthur - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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