Age of Arthur - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

A Blushing Bride, Part I
Adventure 2, Fall 482 AD

For a fortnight, members of The Brave Companions (Yr Cyweithiau Gwrolion – UR QUAY-thea GOOR-olee-on) have been spending their treasure. Erica and Atera Tuccianus have seen to the purchase and restoration of an old urban villa dating back to the Roman occupation years in Luguvalium. Iago y Crythor has used his treasure to see to the construction of his own private cottage and lands around Caer Gwyr (kayr GOO-r), where their Chief Gorwst ap Glew has set up his primary residence.

Things are going well enough in Luguvalium (or Caer Luel – kayr LOOL – in Brythonic). Erica secretly has begun decorating the place with Runes of power. Atera is trying to get as many workmen and craftsmen of skill to repair what they can… after cheap labor finishes with a good scrubbing.

Fate Points spent for a Rune making the place a haven for women on a cornerstone and a Rune of Inflammability on the roof

In Caer Gwyr, Iago’s rustic farmstead begins construction, a mostly timber establishment.

The two weeks come during a lull caused by King Urien calling together his various Dux (war leaders) for a council in Caer Luel regarding the goings on in Britannia as a whole. Artos, Uther’s bastard, continues to work towards some kind of united front against the Saxons. The Saxons are being disturbingly quiet of late… unusual this close to winter and the traditional halt in hostilities. Nobody trusts the peace, it feels too much like the drawn in breath before the plunge.

Homecoming Feast

At last Gorwst returns home to Caer Gwyr and a moderate feast is thrown for the occasion (of course, it cannot compare with the magically augmented feasts of King Urien… but it’ll do). The Apple Harvest continues and there are apples being distributed to storage everywhere and it’s being used in nearly every meal (one of the great advantages of Rheged… the old Roman orchards on the western coastline, no less fruitful for the wildness).

GeorgeClooneyAsEinion.png When the feast was wrapping up, Gorwst brought some of his concerns up to his closest confidants and kin. His thoughts are of the villagers of Pentrefbechan-ar-Twyn (PEN-truv-BEK-un ar TOO-in) and the Saxons that were marauding it a fortnight past. Though the people of Caer Gwyr and the neighboring Caer Derw (kayr DER-oo) have been skirmishing for at least two generations (until recently when a peace was finally brokered), it’s unlike their leader to leave his people unprotected.

Einion ap Dilwyn (EYE-nee-un ap DIL-oon) is, if nothing else, a proper Briton Chief. There’s even wild rumors of a whirlwind romance and wedding. So… Gorwst wants to know how, why, and what’s really going on.

So, if any of his people should decide they just happen to want to wander eastward along the Via Limes (VEE-a LIM-us)… he’s heard a “rumor” of a White Hart out in that direction… no not really.

  • Corryn – “Stands With His People Against The Saxon Horde” – To go check on the people of his maternal grandmother (who are from the lands around Caer Derw).
  • Erica – “Thrall No Longer, Never Again” – To go and see what’s going on, to make sure no tyrannical shenanigans are happening.
  • Iago – “Trained in Druidic Arts… and the Harp” – To go with Erica the singer, and also to be available in case his training as a Druid is also required.
  • Ronan – “Fostered To King Uriens To Forge a Peace” – To go and ensure nothing that could bring Rheged to danger is going on out there at the frontier.
  • Atera – “Deep and Abiding Hatred of Tyrants and Slavers” – To go and make sure there’s nothing tyrannical going on.
  • Visiting at Caer Dyffryn

    In the morning, the Brave Companions head east across Gorwst’s lands – taking the old Roman Road. They arrive by late afternoon at his brother’s fortress – Caer Dyffryn (kayr DIF-rin). They spend the afternoon and evening visiting and feasting, discussing rumors and news of what’s going on East of the border with Gorwst’s brother Dylan ap Glew. They learn nothing particularly new or noteworthy… again there’s talk of a wedding, and no further sightings of Saxons since The Brave Companions fought them at Ar-Twyn a fortnight ago…. they’re also discovering that the story of their battle with the Saxons has become a fairly popular one to retell.

    Caer Derw

    Castra01.png In the morning, after seeing to their equipment, they push on to Caer Derw. They spend an hour visiting with their acquaintances in the border village of Ar-Twyn. The strong village wisewoman, Diseta ferch Dilys is getting things back on track. Andoc and his son Rufus were instrumental in the distribution of the Saxon “loot” back to its rightful owners (or at least original villages). Again, they ask about rumors, and for sure there’s talk of a wedding … but still nobody from the Caer has come to the border to even so much as check on them.

    By lunchtime, they arrive at the stone walls of Caer Derw and sure enough… things are odd. There are certainly wedding-type decorations going up. They’re “welcomed” to town, or at least they’re not challenged by anyone that appears to be a guard. The guards point them to the quarters for the “bride’s party.”

    As the heroes look around, they begin to suspect that the Tylwyth Teg (TEL-ooth TEG) may be involved… the Fair Folk… the Fae. There’s also an unpleasant smell…

    Iago has Second Sight and between a few fantastic rolls from several other characters, all contributing to things (including Ronan… who’s actually Fae Blooded himself)… I let them get fairly solid clues that the “brides party” wasn’t entirely human. The biggest hint being when one of them bent over to purchase something from a vendor and the back of his long tunic “popped up” due to a tail…

    As it so happens, Iago knows someone here in Caer Derw, an old friend Cadellus ap Cewyddus (kad-DEL-us ap KOOY-thus). He was of Romano-Briton stock and likewise married a Romano-Briton woman. His wife Maira had land here in Caer Derw from her father Ednyfedus (ED-ni-FED-us) and so he had moved from Rheged long ago.

    Five shifts (Degree of Success) on a Contacts Test… good thing I pre-generated a bunch of names!

    Lunch with Cadellus

    Stew.png The Companions arrive at the farmstead and a very surprised Cadellus comes out to greet his old friend. The years have been good to him, he’s quite fat (difficult to do in these long, lean years) and all are invited to lunch. Once the stew is brought out, it’s clear why… Maira’s a good cook and a friendly woman.

    Lunch is pleasant but they discuss the matters of rumors of a White Hart in the area and the strange courtship and impending wedding of their Chief, Einion.

    Apparently three weeks ago, a Romano-Briton Lady named Tanwystla (TAN-oost-la) of the Gens Balbii arrived. Then, things proceeded quickly from there. Two weeks ago Einion and Tanwystla were seen doing picnics, hunts, etc. and about that time members of her family began arriving. A week ago the wedding was announced and even more of her strange kin arrived. Allegedly the wedding is at noon tomorrow.

    They also ask questions about the Chief’s family, and discover that he has an only son of his first and only wife – Mathonwy ap Einion. The boy is not yet officially a man, but is of a respectable age and is well loved. The son even was present at the Battle of Verulamium when he was but 14 guarding the “baggage” (the supply train towards the rear). Allegedly, when some Saxons came through following their defeat looking to scavenge; he wounded one of them and put the rest to flight.

    So after putting Ronan and Corryn to “work” helping with a few of the heavy things around the farm … they head back to the Caer itself. They also ask about where to find Mathonwy. They are informed that Nona’s public house would probably suit… Nona’s has the best tasting ale of the two public houses in Caer Derw… the other belongs to Gwenfor and has the strongest ale (which has an appeal all its own to be sure).


    The head to Nona’s and talk about various topics and confirm that Mathonwy intends to come by that night (Nona isn’t sure, but assumes that’s the case). Erica and Iago also set up an arrangement to play and perform that night. Nona readily agrees, cackling gleefully about how with live music she’s sure to rub her success in Gwenfor’s eye tonight! So with lodgings and food for the night arranged (one way or another, for surely Cadellus has a comfy piece of floor he could provide), the Companions head out.

    They follow their noses… to the main stables. It clearly hasn’t been mucked out for about two weeks. The peculiarity to the smell is the additional filth that’s been added – vegetable matter and fruit (all rotten). After using his Second Sight, Iago has some fairly solid idea of what it might be… Bwgiau (BOOG-ya – Boggart), or more precisely Bwgiau Ysbwriel (BOOG-ya IS-boor-yel)… “Trash Boggart.” Likely of the Summer Court no less.

    I figured they had enough clues I allowed Iago to make a Test against his various Bardic Knowledges to see if he knew a song with the various features and clues.

    Lacking any other name, I simply pressed an oldie but goodie into service “Boggarts” or Bwgiau in Welsh (BWG = Bug, -iau = diminutive) … then I stuck “Trash” on in the Infinitive “simple” genitive to form “Trash Boggart” … as far as I know I am making that name up for this game.

    Feel free to use it. I totally stole the idea from Season 2, Episodes 5 & 6 of the Merlin TV Series (2009) … so gross, so awesome.

    Bwgiau2.png Suspecting that something interesting may happen if they clean up the stables (now turned into some kind of nesting den) Corryn and Ronan start mucking out the filth. It doesn’t take long and two of the odd looking fellows shows up. They try (unsuccessfully) to convince the Companions to stable their horses outside the Castrum walls, at the stables that are already clean. The heroes “insist” on cleaning up the stables and successfully infuriate the “strangers.” Battle begins… fists are thrown.

    It goes quickly enough, and when it’s concluded they bind up the two creatures and wake them up… to ask questions. It probably would have gone well except that Corryn managed to tell a direct lie … woops. The one to whom Corryn told the lie, begins to cause excruciating pain, trying to extort freedom – instead Erica puts an iron blade into it quickly.

    Marquess of Queensberry rules … wait, what?

    Pretty straightforward fight using just punches, grapples, and “non-lethal.” The only interesting Mechanic we liked was that we had Corryn put one of the critters into a grapple. I allowed the surplus Spin over 3 to go directly to the other PC that was delivering the knockout punch (the idea being the grappler moved the target into the path of the punch). We actually really, really liked this as a table. Seemed very cinematic and logical.

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

    Borrowing the “don’t lie to the Fae” Trope from Dresden Files RPG I had the Boggart start turning the screws of Glamour-ed pain (create illusory sensation – pain). The critters were already “Knocked Out” (Taken out to use the Fate term with which we are more familiar)… so when Erica decided to kill it, I just allowed it outright with no additional dice roll.

    They try to resume interrogating the other… it simply clams up. Well, after delivering a rather disturbing promise/threat at Erica anyway…

    “You killed my cousin. Best kill me now – for if you not, I shall seek vengeance against you and your lineage until the end of time.”

    … safe to say she’s a bit disturbed by the idea. However she keeps her cool – in spite of several of the Companions agreeing to simply do exactly as the critter advises.

    Erica negotiates a new set of terms… freedom in exchange for information and a promise to NOT pursue vengeance against her, her Companions, or their lineage and to leave town immediately speaking to no others. It seems like an okay deal until it becomes clear that the Boggart is under a previous oath to reveal nothing about what is going on at Caer Derw. Several unsuccessful attempts at questioning yield nothing…

    Then, after making it clear that “is” was the verb used… Ronan asks, “What WILL happen here tomorrow?”

    The Boggart ponders, grins, and says “My mistress will marry the Chief and afterwards, press to be made sole and only heir…. then kill him.”

    To Be Continued…
    I Can Send No Man To Help
    Adventure 1, Fall 482 AD

    We begin our tale in the Kingdom of Rheged; east of the Itouna (Eden) River midst the high Apennius (Pennine) Mountains. These lands are claimed by King Urien’s cousin – Gorwst ap Glew (GOR-oost ap gloo). Gorwst is a very powerful man in Rheged, a Dux (leader, usually military), with nearly 300 warriors at his personal command, not to mention an additional 700 or so from his own relatives.

    His home, an old (and falling to ruin) Roman castrum now named Caer Gowerr (kayr GAU-er, near today Brampton Old Church), is westward in his lands along the Via Limes. Most assume he chose it because it is the full sized castrum closest to Luguvalium (Carlisle), which is the seat of power for the Kingdom of Rheged.

    That said, for our story, we find ourselves eastward within Gorwst’s lands, at another old Roman castrum – Caer Dyffryn (kayr DIF-rin, near what is today the Dentonfell Woods and the township of Nether Denton). Caer Dyffryn is held by Gorwst’s younger brother Dylan ap Glew. Scouts had brought word that a massive Boar had been seen in the area. Gorwst, ever anxious to hunt great beasts, arrived with his retinue to seek his quarry.

    The Feast of the Beast

    WildBoar43Stone.png The hunt went well, and our story begins within the walls of Caer Dyffryn at the feast. The creature weighed nearly 45 stone (~615 lbs, ~288 kg). It, and its herd, were destroying some of the northern rye and barley fields in the village of Dyffrynmynyddoedd.

    It was thanks to the heroic actions of several of the hunting party, but particularly two of Gorwst’s household Atera Tuccianus (that blooded and crippled/weakened it with arrows) and Corryn ap Rhys (an expert in all things Boar Hunting related) that Gorwst was able to hurl the killing spear. As such, though he was given the Hero’s Portion, he divided it in twain and sent it to Atera and Corryn instead. A magnanimous gesture.

    Music for the feast was provided by Gorwst’s somewhat famous songstress, the Saxon Erica and his bardic trained harpist Iago y Crythor.

    As the feast was wearing long, one of Dylan’s llwyth (hloo-ith, clan) enters the feast hall and comes up to the high table. Needless to say this attracts everyone’s attention. The messenger then goes back out – returning with three road-weary and travel-worn strangers (but judging by their clothing, Britons).

    A woman named Diseta ferch Dilys, a man named Andoc (ap Rhonwen) and his teenage son Rufus bring a plea for aid from the village of Pentrefbechan-ar-Twyn (which just means … little village on the hillock).

    Answering the Call

    Einion ap Dilwyn is the chief of their people and normally the villagers of Ar-Twyn (ayr-TOO-in) would look to Caer Derw for aid… however their pleas have gone unanswered. No aid has come and no messengers have returned.

    Gorwst seems to be touched by their plea… but there’s a problem. Due to the terms of the Oath between himself and Einion that ended the years of raiding between their two tribes… he would be unable to send a force to aid the villagers. If he were to send the warriors of Caer Gowerr or even Caer Dyffryn across the stream that forms the border twixt their lands, it could be interpreted as an act of aggression (war).

    After pondering a moment, he grins. He then asks what seems to be a completely non sequitur question, “Do you have any Christians in your village?”

    The reply is a bewildered “Yes, two.”

    Gorwst then turns to a member of his tribe, Maelogan ap Cartivel – the “token” Christian among his people. “Maelogan, I think you should go and see to those of your religion. I know you lack opportunities here to be with your own faith. I can’t send you to do it of course, but I think it would be good for you.”

    Mael grins, nodding and understanding.

    Gorwst continues, "And since I can’t let a kinsman of mine alone and without a guide … Dryw ferch Eisia should go with you to scout the way." Of course, the room begins to chuckle now. Dryw is Pict that usually runs around half-naked and a woman to boot. In no way could she be mistaken for one of Gorwst’s “men.”

    Sensing what’s going on, Erica pipes up. “I’d like to go as well. I’ve never been to that village.”

    Gorwst hesitates only a moment, then nods. “Yes, music can help when a people are in distress. Though you shouldn’t go without your harper.” He looks at Iago who, with a grin, enthusiastically agrees.

    “Since you’re my favorite singer. I’d want to make sure you’re safe. If Atera would be so kind as to watch over you both, I would rest easier.”

    Atera simply nods.

    "And I’m sure you’ve lots to carry… Rónán mac Aodh should go with you." Ronan is a Gael and something of a ‘Ward’ of King Uriens. He is one of a handful of Fosterlings exchanged between marauding Gaels from Hibernia and the Kingdom of Rheged to keep the peace. Ronan has never been formally taught how to fight with metal weapons (which matters not since he swings I gigantic two-handed maul able to fell bull cattle) and thus also doesn’t qualify as a “warrior” that belongs to Gorwst.

    The Chief then looks around the feasting hall, and with a loud voice asks the room “All of you are witnesses… I sent none of my own men across our borders to aid these people.”

    The room responds in the amused affirmative.

    This ended what in Dresden Files RPG is the player compel phase… I borrowed the idea from DF:RPG and this is when I gave the players their character’s Refresh value in Fate Points.

  • Dryw = Scout and Explorer (as a Scout)
  • Maelogan = Would Lay Down His Life For His Friends (too few Christians, Maelogan feels a friendship with even ones he doesn’t personally know)
  • Erica = Thrall No Longer, Never Again (doesn’t like seeing others oppressed by Saxons)
  • Iago = Trained in Druidic Arts… and Harp.
  • Rónán = Fostered To King Uriens To Forge a Peace

    Corryn’s player had not yet arrived at the table as he had severe “Wife Aggro” at the outset of the evening… I’d Compel him into the game later.
  • East Along the Via Limes

    SaxonSpearman.png After a rest (to recover from the feasting) they set out the next day on horse. The three villagers have been loaned the use of two of Caer Dyffryn’s horses (Andoc gets one, Diseta and his son ride double).

    Gorwst’s “group” asks Diseta various questions, apparently there’s roughly 30 Saxons that are marauding their village, which is not an unusual number (a typical Saxon Longship holds around that many warriors). They also discover that the several times they’ve sent out “patrols” or even anyone to “watch” for the Saxons, they come back dead. So they’ve stopped doing that. The Saxons basically came in and stole the autumn harvest and told them to gather up more supplies and be ready for when they return in a fortnight (2 weeks). That was 4 days ago. The leader of this band of Saxons is a man named Ceolwulf and his witch Hilda.

    They soon arrive at the stream that forms the border of Rheged, a sad little bubbler that would be completely unremarkable except for the fact that it at times swells its banks (especially in the spring or after heavy rains) and so the Romans built a small bridge to cross it… which has since fallen apart.

    The waters are up, and so Dryw crosses it alone (water being no obstacle to a skinchanger that can become a seal). She sneaks through the trees, scouting the approaches on the road and sure enough… two Saxons watch the crossing.

    She was simply going to return and report her findings to her friends when she spies an armband of gold around one of them.

    Compel: Dangerous Addiction to Saxon Loot

    She creates a minor distraction and when one goes off to investigate…
    Attempt at a Maneuver. Dryw’s Deception vs Saxon’s Awareness. She did more than enough and put down the Scene Aspect “The guy without the armband goes off to investigate.”

    she sneaks up behind the other and slits his throat (stealing the armband).
    Test Dryw’s Stealth vs Saxon’s Awareness again… she got 2 spin which I allowed to be added to the attack roll. More than enough for a goon and she describes how Dryw slits the Saxon’s throat silently and drops him to the grass.

    She then returns to the group, which has dismounted to wait. Just as she’s about to report, a “shout” (scream?) of alarm echoes through the trees. The other Saxon returned and found his compatriot. They rush to their horses and try to hurry and ford the fast flowing water… it doesn’t go well for several of them.

    Test on Horse skill to mount quickly and cross the swollen stream – most of the party didn’t get a positive number and spent the scene getting back out of the water and recovering their stuff …

    Atera and Ronan are able to stay on their horses and track the Saxon as he’s fleeing… he’s a sailor and in no way a horseman after all… Atera puts an arrow into him.
    Since Ronan has no Investigation himself he does an Awareness Maneuver to put the Aspect “Look, I found some tracks!” in play. Which he does. Atera tags that for her Investigation roll to track and succeeds handily.

    As plot inconsequential goons Atera’s player rolled MORE than had enough damage to put the remaining guard down.

    Arrival at Ar-Twyn

    They arrive at the village and after introductions, drinks, and light conversation… after all, they’re strangers in a Briton village, no way they’re not the talk of the town.

    “Ah so you’re from Rheged are ya?” (read that in a Welsh voice)

    To celebrate their arrival, the two horses of the now dead Saxons are butchered to provide a meal for the nearly starving villagers.

    Passage of Time Montage

    Over the next 9 days the following things happen…

    Mulan … er… Erica sings “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”

    Erica tries to convince the women to take up a weapon and help defend their own town… an idea patently rejected not because it’s an insensible idea.. but because a Saxon recommended it. Ronan, being quite the Charmer.. convinces them to give heed to Erica’s words.

    Erica tries to talk to the NPCs and I make it fail with a Compel on her “Last of my Saxon Kith” Aspect… these Briton villagers, recently marauded by Saxons are in no mood to listen to her yammering. Ronan, however, is a right Charming b@st@rd. He adds the Maneuver Aspect “Well then if Rónán thinks it’s a good idea we’ll try it, sure.” (best read with a Welsh accent) I allow Erica a chance to roll again the next day. Success.

    Iago puts up a Ward

    The skulls of the two butchered horses are used, along with Iago’s Druidic expertise, to put up a Ward around the village. It takes him several days.

    Rather than get to finicky with the mechanics as printed, we say this Ward gives aggressive Saxons the Aspect “Bad luck” if they’re within the boundaries. Erica makes a mental note to, once the fighting starts, maybe not be inside the village boundaries… just to be safe.

    Dryw and Atera Scout Long Range

    These two range far afield to see if they can discover the location of the Saxon “base camp” and … they do! It’s several days ride through the woods and mountains (not on any of the Roman roads). They barely arrive back at the village in time (and ahead of the Saxons).

    Assorted Investigation tests to find tracks, and resisted Stealth vs Awareness tests to stay hidden… they succeed in all cases.

    Erica puts up an “Inflammable” rune on the roof of the nicest long house in the village and an “Unbreakable” on the door. She instructs the villagers that, if things go badly, to flee to this location.


    The very old, the very young, and a few of the women that were less capable of defending themselves are sent back west along the Via Limes to hide on the other side of the stream in Rheged. After all, the way is now clear (the Saxon scouts killed).

    The Arrival of Corryn

    Corryn arrives five days after the main group. Apparently he has a maternal grandmother that was from this village and so Gorwst “suggested” that he also travel there and see how his grandmother (who is dead already) is doing. Corryn arrived just in time to help some of the villagers cross the still swollen stream (after all he’s probably related to some of them). He then goes on into town afterwards.

    The player finally arrived and I compelled “Stands With His People Against The Saxon Horde” to bring him into the game.

    The Great Religious Debate

    Maelogan does his best to make the case for the Christian God and it probably would have been well received if it weren’t for Iago actively countering him… reminding the people about the Old Ways. It’s a lively debate that is low-intensity but runs the span of several days… at the end of which the people are fairly sure they’re just going to stay exactly as they were before.

    Charm vs Charm opposed test. Since Maelogan was trying to convert the Pagans I ruled he was the “attacker” in this case and Iago was able to defeat him… but only because he busted out some appropriate scene maneuvers “You’re already pagans” and spent a Fate point for “And remember… I’m a druid” (his ‘Trained in Druidic Arts… and Harp.’ Character Aspect)

    Corryn Oversees Some Defensive Tweaks

    Corryn arrives and rearranges a few barricades and other assorted tips and tricks to better fortify the approaches to the village. A few pit traps are also created and concealed.

    Just a test on Strategy and Tactics and he rolled well enough I put down an Aspect “Fortified with Clever Defenses.”


    SaxonBerzerk.png Maelogan has “a bad feeling” the morning of the ninth day and lets everyone know. Dryw and Atera go out to scout the logical approaches that the Saxons might take. Corryn looks to the east just as a warning arrow from Atera lands midst the thatch on the roof of one of the village houses.

    Danger Sense Stunts

    The Saxons surround the town and the leader of this band rides up with a female Saxon warrior and two spear-carriers on foot. The rest of the force is also on foot.

    The leader of the band, Ceolwulf introduces himself, and demands the rest of the harvest from the village. The Saxons are clearly on high alert, they know something’s “off” about the village.

    No time like the present. Erica starts the show by speaking to the nearest raider in Saxon. When he, incredulous, replies … she viciously insults him in their native tongue… with only the nuance and inflection possible thereon. He loses his temper and charges .. right into one of the pit traps, impaling himself on sharpened stakes.

    Erica initiates a Composure attack off her Devastating Wit Stunt and inflicts more than enough “damage” to take out the target. She sets the conditions as “runs up and fall into a pit trap and dies” and I’m fine with it. It’s cinematic, takes advantage of previously declared actions and it’s hellaciously cool.

    With screams and shouts, the melee begins.

    The Arrow

    Atera arrives just in time to see the “festivities” kick off. She puts an arrow into Hilda (allegedly Ceolwulf’s witch). It goes right through the ocular guard of her spangenhelm, blinding her in one eye…she… flees.

    So Atera rolled very well and Hilda has a less than stellar defense. As I’m about to start spending Fate Points to reduce the damage and prevent the player from “taking out” my named NPC the player makes an offer… “If you don’t spend Fate Points I’ll set the take out conditions as ‘She takes an arrow to the eye and gallops off’” … well the entire reason I’d be spending Fate Points is to save my NPC from death so I can use her again later so … sure! It’s a deal. It’s not technically a Concession but… good enough.

    The Throw

    Then Corryn gallops out from behind a village building, charging directly into the path of Ceolwulf. Like a Celtic Hero, from horseback, screaming at the top of his lungs, he hurls his spear directly at the Saxon leader… impaling him through the heart.

    This is one of those cases where the dice conspires against the GM… and Fate Points and Aspects all help. I can’t remember which are all the Aspects that now came into play (the ward plus maneuvers, etc. etc.) but, after spending Fate Points, Consequences, the dice roll, spin, subtracting a less than stellar defense roll, and whatnot… it came out to over 20+ damage on Ceolwulf alone (maybe it was 24? Can’t recall exactly). I just didn’t have enough Fate Points to keep him alive and… 20+ damage in a single cast… I really didn’t want to. It was epic and I had no desire to take that setup and scene away from the story.

    The rest is really just mop up. With both their leaders dead, and after a couple more Saxons fall… the rest break and run.


    The Saxons are on foot… the Britons are mounted. They killed another 11 more as the hunt went on through the trees.

    I had the players all make Awareness tests, resisted by the Saxon’s own Awareness. Spin resulted in additional dead Saxons.

    Looking back, if I had to do over again, I would have done Pursuit as a Horse test, resisted by the fleeing target’s Agility… but whatever.

    Going To The Source

    Then, the heroes rode to the Saxon base camp (previously discovered by Dryw and Atera) and waited there for the Saxons to come straggling back. They went in… and none came out.

    I had the players that were inside the camp roll Stealth tests resisted the Saxon’s Awareness. Spin resulted in additional dead Saxons. I had 30 Saxons at the start of this adventure… I had none left at the end.

    The Return

    The warriors from Rheged told the villagers the location of the Saxon camp and took only what they could carry as their “fee” for their services (mainly gold arm bands, jewelry, and whatnot).

    When they returned to Caer Gowerr to tell the tale of their actions, they were richer for it. As a token of their loyalty to Gorwst, they giften to him the Lorica Hamata (with bloody hole over the heart) and spatha (lightly used, dropped once) they took from the body of Ceolwulf. Of course, being a generous chief, he returned nearly the entire value of the gift as trinkets and jewels.

    So I ruled that each hero would have about Treasure 2 worth of loot and another assorted Treasure value X which didn’t divide evently. The players decided to just give the “leftover” stuff to Gorwst… so I basically allowed Gorwst to act as moneychanger and he gave back each hero Treasure 1 worth of portable loot. It was a really cool story-driven way to make change. And now, Gorwst remembers that he has warriors that respect him as their chief… he’ll reward them over time accordingly I should imagine.

    Having no other guide by which to judge a “fair” reward.. I figure starting out the Campaign with a lump sum of Treasure 3 is a good start (if likely overly generous). I think I’ll likely keep it around Treasure 1 from now on… who knows. We’ll see.

    Yr Cyweithiau Gwrolion

    Shortly after Erica and Iago sing the song of their past few days at the next feast… the heroes begin to be collectively called a new name. Yr Cyweithiau Gwrolion (UR QUAY-thea GOOR-olee-on)… the Brave Companions.

    Yeah, I like Game of Thrones… so what, it’s a cool name. In our long-running Dresden Files: Dallas game, these same heroes are known as the ‘Scooby Squad’ by the NPCs in the setting so nearly anything is an improvement.


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