(MOH-drun) Winter Fae Consort of King Urien of Rheged

In the game book, this character is named Brimisent. “Modron” is a name change for our campaign, and one closer to the Arthurian legends I feel…. However, I tried my best to shoehorn an “alias” from Brimisent as a nod to the source text.

Married to King Urien of Rheged, subject of the Queen of Air and Darkness, possessor of the Platter of Rydderch (her dowery) which creates any item of food desired.

Though she is entitled to be styled “Queen” or “Queen Consort” she absolutely refuses to be called such. She will accept “The Royal Consort” but absolutely no title with “Queen” in it.

In fact, most of the people of Rheged just call her Modron… which is a Brythonic word that basically means “Divine” or “Supernatural” Mother. Nobody knows if she is in fact THE Modron… the ancient Gaulish/Romano-Brythonic fertility/harvest Goddess… but she’s fairly powerful and kinda scary.

They call her “The Mother” for the obvious reason that she is the mother of King Urien’s son, Owain ap Urien (also known in Arthurian legen as Sir Ywain), and his daughter Morfydd ferch Urien (MOR-vith). Additionally, anyone with eyes can plainly see her legendary motherly… features.

Modron.png She loves apples… they seem to even be somewhat totemic with her or linked to her Fae nature in some strange fashion. The vicinity of Luguvalium to the Orchards of Aballava are certainly not coincidence.

To her husband, children, and closest friends in Court she is Bryncenawesau ferch Afallach (brin-KEN-ow-suh verk AH-val-ak) or “Brimisent” in Romano-Latin (Brimisent Pomarius).

Undoubtedly her name is not a ‘true’ one as it translates more or less to “Vixen-of-the-Hills, daughter of the Appleman.”

  • Winter Court and Apples? The Apple is the first fruit harvested in the Autumn (after the Summer), the latin word for Apple and Evil are nearly the same (malum), and from apples comes cider, properly stored apples last the long winter…


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    • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Michelle Marsh

    Michelle Marsh… really? No really. Firstly, in the sourcebook Brimisent is from the Manchester area where the Summer and Winter fae are warring and Michelle Marsh is from Royton (Greater Manchester Area). Second, in some of the stories Ywain’s mum is named Modron which means “divine/supernatural mother” and what’s more Supernaturally Motherly than a natural 32G rack? Third, because she was “Winter Court” I wanted somebody pale of skin, pale blonde, and blue eyed. Fourth, really, who wouldn’t try to get a picture of Michelle Marsh into his campaign if he can? So yeah, Michelle Marsh.

  • Modron

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