Children of the Forest

The Summer Court and the Winter Court of the Fae have been at war for uncounted generations of Mankind…

That said, there are a few “hot spots” in Britannia and the surrounding lands.


Winter Mab, the Queen of Air & Darkness Gateway within the Caledonian Forest to Arctis Tor
Summer Titania, Queen of the Evergreen and the Lady of Light & Life Gateway beyond the Western Shore to Tír na nÓg, the Land of the Ever Young

Great Otherworldly Realms

Avalon (Anwnn) Summer King Gwynn ap Nudd of the Tylwyth Teg
Lyonesse Summer Queen Vivien the Enchantress

Mortal Locations of Note

The Great Caledonian Forest Winter Mab rules from here
Mancunium Both Forests East of the City (in today Derbyshire and the Peak District) are contested, The Winter Fae control “Dark Peak” and the Summer Fae control “White Peak.”
Ynys Witrin Summer Glastonbury Tor


There are several matters being contested in the forests and mountains of the Peak District east of Mancunium.

  • The Mermaid’s Pool, Kinder Scout – Immortality is granted to those who bathe in the pool and know the proper incantations. Currently held by Winter.
  • Mam Tor, the “Shivering Tor” where dwells a great beast, possibly a Dragon. Currently held by Winter.
  • Miles and miles of caves and moors, etc. – Contested
  • The Green Chapel, Lair of the Green Knight – Currently held by Summer
  • High Tor, a “side door” gateway to an Otherworld realm – Currently held by Summer
  • Children of the Forest

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