Eboracum Africani

This is just a quick note regarding Romans of African descent and origin.


Skeletal remains, artifacts, and inscriptions in Northern England offer nearly conclusive proof that in the last days of Rome’s occupation of Britannia – that among citizens of every social strata (from slave to high) and even patrolling Hadrian’s Wall – there were those of North African origin.

That said, the general cultural leaning is still to think of England as only ever being the bastion of white people. While this may have been true in later generations…

It’s been seventy years since the fall of Rome. With the loss of the great trade routes of the past, It’s highly unlikely that any new North African Moors have arrived in anything approaching great numbers (aside from the odd sailor on coastal ships from France and Spain). However, some Grandfathers, Great-grandfathers, and even Great-Great-Grandfathers were almost certainly Moorish, especially of characters with Roman ancestry or Romano-Britons.

Therefore, that is the track I choose to take for this campaign. I am also making Eboracum (York) the center of Moorish genetics & ancestry in Britannia, though undoubtedly a minority.

Eboracum Africani

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