1600+ years of history and legend makes picking and choosing which Gods and Goddess will be what and do what is … problematic.

This is not an attempt at “solving” anything or an attempt to be authoritative in any way… it’s just how I’m going to do it for this game. For my own reasons, this is how I wanted to break things down.
Gods with their names in Blue are in the Age of Arthur Sourcebook

Romano-Brythonic God Matrix

Brythonic Roman Gael Notes
Ankou Dis Pater An Donn Death, the grim reaper. Especially Cornwall and Ireland (far West)
Barinthus Neptune Manannán mac Lir The primary God of the sea and water, also called Llŷr
Belenus Apollo Mac Gréine major God of the sun, heat, healing, also called Grannus in Brythonic and/or Apollo Vindonnus to Romans
Belisama Minerva Brigid Female power and strength, fire, crafts, light, lakes, rivers, also known as Senuna or Sulis
Brigantia Victoria Brigid Victory, female warriors and leaders, mountain/Highland women, the veneration of women & mothers
Cernunnos Janus Conall Cernach God of wildness, animals, stags, the hunt, dogs, annual growth
Cicolluis Mars Cíocal God of strength on the battlefield and muscles
Gofannon Vulcan Goibhniu The Smith, God of the forge, architects, and hearth flame
Lugus Mercury Lugh Lámhfhada Creation, commerce, travellers, learning, “all knowing/all arts” (3 faced)
Maponos Apollo Aengus Mac Óg Youth, bravery, filial duty
Nodens Silvanus Nuada Sea, healing, hunting, trapping, dogs
Ogmios Hercules Ogma Learning, the written word, eloquence of speech, good cheer, strength and power. Replacing the Mabon entry in the book.
Penarddun Venus Clíodhna Pinnacle of female beauty worth fighting for, trouble, enticements, beautiful singing, banshees
Rhiannon Epona Étaín Horses, donkeys, mules, knights, riding, fertility, grain, foals, stables, barns, passion, beauty
Sucellos Bacchus Dagda Agriculture, forests, alcoholic beverages, clubs & hammers, male fertility & virility
Suleviae (Blodeuwedd, Arianrhod, Dôn) Matres (Juventas, Juno, Minerva) Danu (Ériu, Banba, Fódla) Various Triple-Goddesses that have, through the centuries been combined and split up many times. For this game, this is how they are divided.
Taranis Jupiter Tuireann Thunder and storms, the sky, the wheel, the turning of the day, “wheel of time”
Toutatis Mars X Protection, healing, the noise, glory, and chaos of battle, conflict, and/or strife, patron of warriors. The male and Brythonic side of the Hibernian Triple Goddess – Morrigan.

Minor Spirits/Local Gods

Brythonic Roman Gael Notes
Aeron X X God of slaughter
Abandinus X X Local river god near Durovigutum (Godmanschester) in Cambridgeshire in SE England
Abellio X X Apple trees
Agrona X X Goddess of the River Aeron in today Wales, strife & war
Ancasta X X Goddess of the River Itchen in modern day Southampton
Andraste Victoria X Chariots, rabbits, victory in sport or battle, freedom
Arawn X X A King of the Nevernever Realm / Otherworld Realm of Annwn. An older name/title for Gwyn ap Nudd.
Arnemetia X X Goddess of the springs and baths in today Buxton in Derbyshire
Belatucadros Mars X Aspect of Belenus and Mars
Camulus Mars X Early name for what was blended into Belatucadros
Clota X X Goddess of the River Clyde
Cocidius Silvanus X Northern God of warriors that hunt
Condatis Mars X Nothern God of river confluences and battle
Coventina Nymphs X Goddess of wells and springs
Genii Cucullati Genii Cucullati X Triple Gods / protection, male fertility
Gontrebis X X God of homes, gardens, and good fortune
Gwyddno Garanhir X X Ruler of a sunken realm off the cost of Wales caled Cantre’r Gwaelod (today Cardigan bay)
Gwyn ap Nudd X X Lord of the Otherworld/Nevernever Fae Realm of Annwn. King of the Fair Folk. See Arawn.
Modron X X Goddess of motherhood, fertility, and plenty/a bountiful harvest
Mogons X X God of the mountains
Ritona X X Goddess of river fords
Tridamos X X Tripling the harvest, bounty, abundance of cattle
Verbeia X X Goddess of the River Wharfe
Veteris X X Boar hunting, war, healing, death
Vinotonus X X Only known to the Yorkshire area, god of the vines
Ysbaddaden X X King of the Giants

Gaelic “Gods” and Death

Many if not all the really useful dieties of the Gaelic “pantheon” (be they Tuatha dé Danann or Fomoire) get killed in the stories. For various reasons, I’m going to say their “deaths” at the hands of the Irish monks that scribbled the tales were greatly exaggerated.

For our game, they took mortal forms or once had mortal forms, but, when they passed from mortality they returned to The Otherworld / Nevernever to heal and – most if not all – have or will return again. The coming of Patrick and Christianity has kept them weak, but they’re not really gone… not by a long shot. They’re old and they’re powerful.
Brythonic Roman Gael Notes
X X Na Mór-ríoghain (Badhbh, Macha, Anann) Means “The Great Queens,” aka “The Morrigan.” Gaelic Triple Goddess of strife, battle, war, death, revenge, magic, prophecy, ravens & crows, battle madness. The Female and Hibernian Toutatis (see above)
X X Nemain A spirit of frenzy and battle, closely associated with The Morrigan and even at times, takes Anann’s place at the battlefront

Saxon Gods

Anglo-Saxon Norse equivalent Characteristics & Associations
Baldaeg Baldr God of light.
Ēostre Iðunn Goddess of springtime, the dawn and rebirth.
Eorðe Jörð Goddess of the Earth.
Freo Freyja* Goddess of fertility. Ruler of the elves with her brother Ing.
Frige Frigg Goddess of love. Consort of Wōden.
Gēat Gautr Venerated ancestor of many northern Saxon bloodlines.
Ing (Ingui Frea) Yngvi Freyr God of prosperity, passion, and wealth. Ruler of the elves with his sister Freo.
Helith Eir God of healing
Hretha Freyja* Patron Goddess of female warriors.
Seaxnēat none Founder of the Saxon tribe.
Þunor Thor God of storms and thunder.
Tīw Týr God of justice, and the sky.
Wade Vaði Giant “God” of the Seas, patron of fishermen and sailors
Wayland Völundr Semi-divine (son of Wade) “God” of smithcraft and patron of the forge
Wōden Óðinn Chief of the gods, god of war, poetry and divination. Consort of Frige.
Wuldor Ullr God of glory and boasting


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