PictMan.png The Picts were the great unconquered foe of old Rome. They wore furs, blue warpaint, sported tattoos, and used bronze weapons … but they were bloody tough. It became so expensive (manpower, time, money, etc.) to fight them, it was cheaper to build Hadrian’s Wall… the fae in the Caledonian Forest helped out with that.


Pictish honor is a personal thing… so long as they’re “right” with themselves and their direct family, they’re okay. Generosity, hospitality, truth, honoring oaths…. these only apply to the worthy. Each individual Pict determines who is worthy. The Picts weren’t always this way… 400 years of fighting Romans will do that.

… and what should now be obvious reasons, the rest of the people/ethnic groups that inhabit the setting of Age of Honor consider Pictish honor worthless.


Yeah well here’s the thing, Oaths to mortals are pretty much worthless. Oaths to fae, spirits, etc. … those are ironclad (in addition to being deadly to violate).


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