SaxonBerzerk.png The Saxons have come from across the sea from lands far to the East and on the mainland of Europe. For purposes of this game, they include the Angles and the Jutes (who are similar enough to the eyes of Britons). These savages are violent and brutish, respecting only power, and seeking plunder and land. Whatever they can’t take with them, possess, or conquer… they burn.


SaxonWarrior.png Saxons are without pity or mercy. A man or woman is only entitled to what he or she has earned or taken by force. Their culture and laws only apply within their own communities and are harsh enough to keep things civil, but beyond the “walls” of their own settlements… the weak are held in contempt.


Much like the Celts, Oaths are inviolate. However, good luck getting an Oath from a Saxon if the other side of the agreement is a non-Saxon. If they make an Oath, they’ll keep it… but they’re unlikely to bother entering into it in the first place.


Saxon is similar enough to German for purposes of this game. Angles and Jutes speak a dialect of it and are considered the same for game purposes. The written system of runes is called Futhark.


A Saxon only has one name. However, among their friends and village they may have qualifiers to separate one from another – like “son of X” or “the farmer” or an honorific “the fat.”

Male Names: Aelle, Aldhelm, Alfred, Alric, Berthun, Caedmon, Ceolwulf, Egbert, Ethelbert, Ethelred, Hengist, Horsa, Imric, Octa, Osric, Oswald, Oswyn, Penda, Redwarld, Sigbert, Thrydwulf, Wilfred

Female Names: Achae, Aedilhild, Aelfwyn, Anna, Bregusuid, Coenburg, Cynwise, Eaba, Eanfled, Edith, Hilda, Hildegard, Hereswyth, Inga, Matilda, Nothgyth, Osthryth, Rymenhild, Saegyth, Tatae, Wulfwyn


Every letter is said, every consonant is hard. Separate vowels are said separately except for a handful of dipthongs.

  • Ae = as with Latin, this makes the eye sound
  • Ch = this is a guttural “phlegm” sound (like Scottish Loch Ness or the Composer Bach)
  • W = this makes the v sound.

  • Saxons

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