The High Council

How will Britannia throw back the Saxons? Who will lead now that Uther is dead? Who will be the High King?

This Theme is simple… who will lead Britannia and who are the leading contenders?

The Leading Contenders for High King

These are the men with either sufficient legitimate claim or sufficient raw military might to claim the title of Pendragon (High King)

  • King Lot of Gododdin – His wife (Morgan le Fay) is niece of High King Uther (Ambrosius Aurellianus)
  • King Cyngen of Powys (aka ‘Ambrosius Caninus’) – Descendant of High King Vortigern
  • King Einion of Ebrauc – King of Northern Britain
  • Dux Bellorum Artorios Aurelianus – (Illegitimate) Nephew of Ambrosius Aurellianus (Uther)

    The Kingmakers

    These are lords powerful enough to sway the contest for High King.

  • King Urien of Rheged
  • Druidess Birog, voice of the Druidic High Council at Ynys Mannau

    The Wildcards
  • King Wehha of the Angles (East Anglia, Venta Icenorum)
  • King Aella of the Saxons (Sussex, Cymenshore)
  • King Oisc of the Jutes (Kent, Canterbury)

  • The Hibernian High King Ailill Molt (Ailill the Ram)
  • The King of Laigin (Leinster) Crimthann mac Énnai of the Uí Cheinnselaig (O’Kinsella)

  • Brude, the Pictish King of Inbhir Nis
  • Morgan le Fay, wife of King Lot, Mistress of the Orkney Islands (Pict)
  • The High Council

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