Atera Tuccianus

(a-TE-ra tuk-KAI-a-nus) Dark skinned Romano-Briton archer



  • Roman Huntress
  • Fled Her Gilded Patrician Cage
  • Trusted Archer
  • Lioness of the Goddess Libertas
  • Deep and Abiding Hatred of Tyrants and Slavers


  • Free Britain of Slavery


  • (5) Superb: Missile Combat
  • (4) Great: Agility, Stealth
  • (3) Good: Awareness, Wealth Willpower
  • (2) Fair: Brawling, Lore (Romans), Investigation, Strength
  • (1) Average: Charm, Languages, Profession (Bowyer), Riding, Survival

    Languages: Latin, Latin Literacy, Brythonic


  • Fighting Style (Offensive +1, Longbow)
  • Precision Shot (Ignore 2 Armor)
  • Quick (+2 Awareness for Initiative)
  • Weapon of Vengeance (Longbow)
  • Swift (+1 Zone Combat, Large Overland Movement)

    Refresh Rate: 5


  • Health: 4
  • Absorption: 1
  • Composure: 5


  • Leather Cuireass (Absorption 1)
  • Longbow (Damage 2, Long Range 4 zones)
  • Spatha (Damage 3)

    Experience Points
  • Earned: 2
  • Spent: 0
  • Bio:

    Atera was a proper Roman daughter, she did everything right. She knew her place and brought honor to Tuccianus family… even though it felt like a cage. As a girl, an aunt gave her a figurine of the Goddess Libertas teaching her that no matter what, her spirit was free.

    Then when she matured, she was to be married off to another great family to unify their houses. It was supposed to be the beginning of the rest of her life… it was a road to Gehenna.

    Finally the preparations were too much, and – calling upon the Goddess Libertas for protection – she claimed her dowery in weapons and jewels and went north… way north.

    In the wilds of Britain she at last found her own kind of freedom. Far from the oppression of Rome, even the genders are far more equal among the barbarians. She knows that Libertas protects her, blesses her even, and she has found out why… the Saxons come to enslave Britain. As Brutus is said to have proclaimed as he killed Caesar “Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.” (thus always I eradicate tyrants)


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    • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Original Artwork created in Daz Studio using the V4 model

    Atera Tuccianus

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