Corryn ap Rhys

(KOR-in ap REES) Briton Spearcarrier



  • Cunning Brythonic Warrior
  • Spearcarrier in Many Battles
  • Will Do Whatever It Takes To Win
  • Loves Boarhunting And Everything About It
  • Stands With His People Against The Saxon Horde


  • Oathsworn to his Chief


  • (5) Superb: Strength
  • (4) Great: Missile Combat, Melee Combat
  • (3) Good: Agility, Wealth, Willpower
  • (2) Fair: Awareness, Intimidation, Strategy and Tactics, Survival
  • (1) Average: Empathy, Investigation, Leadership, Riding, Stealth

    Languages: Brythonic, Latin


  • Fighting Style (Spear, +1 Offensive)
  • Dirty Fighter
  • Instant Impression
  • Danger Sense
  • Tough

    Refresh Rate: 5


  • Health: 8
  • Absorbtion: 3
  • Composure: 4


  • Spear (Damage 2, Can Be Thrown, 2 Zones)
  • Plumbata/Pilum (Damage 2, Can Be Thrown, 2 Zones, Ignores 1 Armor) x3
  • Ring Mail (Absorb 2, -1 Pen. phys. non-combat)
  • Shield (Absorb +1)

    Experience Points
  • Earned: 2
  • Spent: 0
  • Bio:

    Corryn is a simple man. He loves hunting boar, eating boar, and drinking beer. Women, fighting, treasure, glory, songs… that’s all bonuses on top of everything else.

    He is his Chief’s distant kinsman, and though he has some measure of wealth and power as a Briton Warrior because of that relation, he’s in no hurry to lord it over his fellows within the settlement.

    It is said that even the most expensive of dishes attract flies… Saxons.

    He fought with his tribe against the Saxons, he was on the field of Verulamium when Octa, son of Hengist was defeated. He saw Ambrosius Aurelianus fall (though he was far from the actual scene). Likewise he was there with his kinsmen when Artorios Aurelianus defeated Aelle the Saxon.

    However, in the few “calm” (relatively) years since those glorious days, he has grown restless again.


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    • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Hugh Jackman

    Corryn ap Rhys

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