Freed Saxon Thrall



  • Last of My Saxon Kith
  • Thrall No Longer, Never Again
  • Golden Voice of Victory
  • Disciple of the Sword
  • Runecaster of The Old Way… on the Down Low


  • I Will See The Saxon Chief Thrydwulf Dead And All Who Serve Him


  • (5) Superb: Performance
  • (4) Great: Agility, Melee Combat
  • (3) Good: Rune Magic, Stealth, Willpower
  • (2) Fair: Awareness, Charm, Strength, Wealth
  • (1) Average: Brawling, Languages, Empathy, Investigation, Riding

    Languages: Saxon, Brythonic, Futhark


  • Song of Battle
  • Heroic Inspiration (Variant using Performance)
  • Devastating Wit
  • Rune Casting
  • Fighting Style (Defense, +1 Gladius)

    Refresh Rate: 5


  • Health: 4
  • Absorption: 1
  • Composure: 5


  • Leather Cuirass (Absorption 1)
  • Shield (Absorption +1)
  • Gladius (Damage 2 Ignore 1 Point of Armor)

    Experience Points
  • Earned: 2
  • Spent: 0
  • Bio:

    She barely remembers old Sacsen (Saxonia). She remembers the mud and the flooding. She remembers being sick on the long voyage to a far away island with her mother, aunts, and a few other women. She really can’t remember much about those first few years at the new settlement that her family established on this island of “Albion.”

    She does remember being raided by other Tribes of the Germanicae though… sē Angeln (the Angles). She remembers seeing her father spitted like a pig at the end of a lance and her mother’s screams. Thankfully, she doesn’t remember too much of the weeks after that raid.

    She does remember the longhouse of the savage troll in man-flesh that kept her a thrall. Then they all discovered she could sing and life got a little better. She wasn’t “just” a Thrall, she was a thrall that got slightly better food, a piece of the floor that was all her own, and slightly better food. Of course more attention had downsides as well.

    Years later she learned what had happened at a faraway place called Verulamium. Octa Hengistson was defeated by a Briton Warlord and the Saxons were crushed. When the survivors dragged themselves back to their villages, there were far, far fewer of them. Disease and sickness claimed even more from the wounds.

    Then the Britons attacked. That was 3 years ago. Apparently when the Britons found her, she was singing over the bodies of the fallen, they thought her dirge pretty and freed her. However, rather than take her a slave, she was given place… not as a bard per se… but she certainly is worth more now than she was. For three years, she’s enjoyed her status as a “free” woman. She is even being taught how to fight, by other women warriors…. completely alien to her Saxon mindset. The Celts are strange.

    Of course they were wrong about one thing, she wasn’t singing a dirge that day… she was singing a song of ruin upon the Angles that killed her people and stole her childhood.


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