Iago y Crythor

(EE-a-go i CRIH-thor) Druid Trained Briton Harper



  • Proud Briton Tribesman
  • Scarred Glory Against the Saxons
  • Trained in Druidic Arts… and the Harp.
  • Rather a Bit of a Prat
  • Wild Green Seer Talent
  • Half Druid, Half Warrior


  • Oathsworn to Chief Gorwst


  • (5) Superb: Willpower
  • (4) Great: Agility, Melee Combat
  • (3) Good: Druidic Magic, Performance, Strength
  • (2) Fair: Awareness, Languages, Intimidation, Wealth
  • (1) Average: Brawling, Contacts, Divination, Riding, Survival

    Languages: Brythonic, Latin, Latin Literacy, Ogham Literacy


  • Bardic Memory
  • Druidic Training
  • Curse Barrier
  • Second Sight
  • Fighting Style (Offense +1, Gladius)

    Refresh Rate: 5


  • Health: 5
  • Absorbtion: 2
  • Composure: 6


  • Leather Cuirass (Absorption 1)
  • Shield (Absorption +1)
  • Gladius (Damage 2, Ignore 1 point of armor)

    Experience Points
  • Earned: 3
  • Spent: 3
  • Bio:

    Something they never told Iago about growing up was about what other options than “becoming a Druid” were available to him. He did as his parents requested and sought out the Druids on Ynys Mannau and started his education. However, he was a difficult student who was argumentative with his teachers and more interested in drink & women than study. Still he progressed up from Vate to Bard and then the Saxons came.

    While the some elder Druids debated what to do and yet others entrusted their fate to the gods, Iago had green seer dreams of the Saxon’s butchering his people. He could not stand by and watch his people be slaughtered while old men talked so he took up the sword, trained his body and became a warrior. He went to fight at Verulamium, he saw the High King fall. He did his duty, though he did miss the battle where Aelle was defeated by Aurellius’s bastard boy Artorios…. he was still recovering from slash suffered at Verulamium that left a scar down the left side of his face and neck . The scar usually gets him a beer when he tells the tale.

    Now he’s some kind of strange creature halfway between a Druid (who never have to fight) and a Warrior… part of neither world. For now, he serves his Chief as a harpist to accompany his golden Saxon songbird. Well, whatever, the food and drink is good on the high table’s side of the hall.


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    • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Chris Evans

    Iago y Crythor

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