Maelogan ap Cartivel

(MY-low-gan ap CAR-tiv-el) Briton Not-Quite-A-Missionary



  • Devout Briton Tribesman
  • Would Lay Down His Life For His Friends
  • The Old Ways Are Pointless
  • God Has Granted Me My Gifts
  • Secretly Pelagian


  • Spread the Word of God Wherever I Find Myself In My Own Way


  • (5) Superb: Willpower
  • (4) Great: Charm, Faith
  • (3) Good: Healing, Melee Combat, Strength
  • (2) Fair: Agility, Awareness, Language, Leadership
  • (1) Average: Contacts, Lore (Christianity), Riding, Survival, Wealth

    Languages: Brythonic, Latin, Latin Literacy, Saxon


  • True Faith
  • Lay on Hands
  • Wrath of God
  • Danger Sense
  • Fighting Style (+1 Defense, Staff)

    Refresh Rate: 5


  • Health: 5
  • Absorption: 1
  • Composure: 6


  • Thick Lambswool Clothing (counts as Leather Cuirass) (Absorption 1)
  • Staff (Damage 1, +1 Defense (+2 with Fighting Style))

    Experience Points
  • Earned: 1
  • Spent: 0
  • Bio:

    Lord give him strength, sometimes it feels as though he’s the only Christian for miles and miles. He knows that’s not true… it just feels like it.

    He came to believe in Jesus as a young boy, learning about a loving God while having services in ancient groves. His position within the tribe is odd… he’s kept around to answer questions about Christianity or the Church if a question arises… but as that arises less and less as the war against the Saxons grows more intense, he’s not sure what he’s to do.

    Sometimes he wishes he were closer to the Roman church…. it would be so much easier to be told what to do. However, that rankles his understanding of free will. He’s taken no holy vows, and thus he is still a warrior of his tribe. Defending those who look up to him is a noble calling in its own way. Surely “thou shalt not kill” and “turn the other cheek” doesn’t apply to Saxons does it? In the face of such evil and savagery what is to be done? They tear crosses from chapels and fold the arms in to make them “easier to carry.” The Saxons are of the same breed that sacked Rome…

    That said… maybe after the Saxons are dealt with life will be different. He does feel the call to become a missionary, to leave this life behind and just go… perhaps across the sea in Germany or north in Scotland among the Picts… but for now, he feels strongly that he’s supposed to stay exactly where he is. Why? He knows not why.


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    • Actor/Model Used For Photos: David Gallagher

    Maelogan ap Cartivel

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