Dresden Files RPG

The intent of this campaign is to explore an “alternate reality” from our main campaign ( Dresden Files Dallas ). It’s before the White Council, before the Laws of Magic were codified, when humans all walked the earth with the Fae and monsters.

As such, I reserve the right to pull anything out of Dresden Files I wish and stick it back in here.

That said… first, some ground rules

Thaumaturgy (DF:RPG 3 Point Power)

  • The only known Human that has codified it is Merlin. He has yet to teach very many of his various students and hanger’s on about it.
  • Thaumaturgy is what the Fae and Dragons use.

Evocation (DF:RPG 3 Point Power)

  • Merlin has yet to figure this one out. As such no human yet uses Evocation.
  • Evocation is what the Fae and Dragons possess.

The Age of Arthur Fate rules for magic stunts is sufficient for now – representing what would be mere talents and prefix-mancy in the “regular” modern day Dresden RPG.

Dresden Files RPG

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