This page attempts to compare/contrast differences in Christian Doctrine as it existed at the end of the 5th Century and within this Campaign Setting.

This is not an exhaustive attempt to discuss the differences between them, just give enough of a guideline for gameplay/roleplay for our game.

Key Dates

  • 405 AD – Pelagius Begins Teachings Contra to Augustine (important to note his teachings were actually codifications of widespread understanding of Christianity in Britain at the time)
  • 410 AD – Alaric the Visigoth sacks Rome, Britain On Its Own
  • 415 AD – Pelagius Recants @ Diospolis
  • 418 AD – Pelagianism Officially Condemned @ Council of Carthage
  • 426 AD – (Saint) Patrick Begins His Mission to the Gaels (Ireland). The “Snakes” he is famous for eliminating from Ireland are not the Pagans… but the Pelangianists.
  • 429 AD – (Saint) Germanus of Auxerre (of Gaul) comes to Britan. Pelagian doctrine is no longer permitted in established church buildings with ties to Rome.
  • 431 AD – Condemnation of Carthage (418) Officially Ratified @ Council of Ephesus
  • 462 AD – (Saint) David Begins His Ministry in the Mountain West (Wales)
  • 482 AD – Official Campaign Start Year

Pelagius vs Augustine

Pelangianism Late 5th Century Catholicism
Man Can Be Saved By His Own Works Man Can Only Be Saved Through God’s Grace
Man Work for His Salvation, God Finishes It Up God Saves All Men, Just Don’t Screw It Up
You Will Be Judged Only For What You Do, You Control Your Inclinations Man Was Born In Sin And Requires Grace To Save Us From Our Inclindation To Sin (Original Sin)
Baptism Is Only Needed When Ready to Commit to Christ Baptism Is Needed From Infancy (Original Sin)
Good Works Are Good Works, Grace Will Attend You You Must Have Grace (& Baptism) For Good Works To Count
If You Regress Back to a sin for which you previously atoned, the liability all comes back. Repent again, do better. Sins Can Be Wiped Clean by the authority fo the Priesthood of the Church, New Sins Are On A New Tally
No Central Authority Is Needed for Salvation After Baptism If Living A Good Christian Life The Church Is Fundamentally Required For Salvation All Through Life
Rural area with weak ties to Rome, Britons, Non-Hibernian Gaels & Picts, old Saxon converts (over 30)
Urban centers, Romans, Romano-Britons, Irish Gaels, young Saxon converts (under 30)


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